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    WY 90/10 Deer/Elk/Antelope Question

    or given to employees so they don't think life is static and does not change, but perspective is everything. Mine is people are better than what they think, most internet posters are: the man is screwing them.
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    WY 90/10 Deer/Elk/Antelope Question

    This is on my desk and this thread made me think of it. CHANGE HAPPENS they keep moving the cheese ANTICIPATE CHANGE get ready for the cheese to move MONITOR CHANGE smell the cheese often, so you know when it is getting old ADAPT TO CHANGE QUICKLY the quicker you let go of the old cheese...
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    how many of you belong to the NRA and should I renew my membership

    been a member for awhile. if you ask, you can be taken off of the solication list.
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    Who else is...

    I have some industrial logging going on next to the house. I ranged the machinery at 1255 yards last night from my deck. The unicorn wife asked me if i wanted to put up some gongs and get a new 1000 yard rifle to shoot them. So what should i get, I kind of think a 308 because the pandemic...
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    Who else is...

    frost on the ground this morning.
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    MT results are out. Drew my Mtn Goat.

    I helped a buddy on a goat hunt when i was living in AK. He shot the goat at the top of the mountain, it kicked into an avalanche chute and slid 2000 vertical feet until it piled up in the brush. good times!
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    Non-res Application

    you apply in nevada because you want a chance at a nice animal. not because you have a chance at drawing.
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    Sitka Hunting Package

    Do you get to choose the size of the clothes? thanks
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    Who else is...

    wife is gone for a week, planning on riding every night after work. last night was fun, rode a trail i have not been on in a while. fun times.
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    Hornady Interlock

    I killed a few elk with them, before switching to accubonds. no real reason to switch, just did. This was in a 338wm.
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    Does it makes sense anymore?

    Saturday April 23rd. I really like snow. It creates water, that form my rivers.
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    Does it makes sense anymore?

    where i am wondering what to do is alaska. I have been lucky and have had succesful dall sheep, caribou and moose hunts. I want to go back hunting, but it is easier to go back doing other things. Case in point, last august went for a remote float trip, march did a remote snowmobile trip...
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    Does it makes sense anymore?

    What is going on today, has always happened. Game laws change, price of fuel changes, desires change. It is just as relevant today as it was yesterday.
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    Happy Easter

    church was face shots all day! Thank you and long live winter!
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    Who else is...

    face shots all day today! long live winter!