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    Shooting in the rain and wet optics

    a couple of years ago in north idaho, we got 9 inches of rain in october and 7 inches of rain in november. if you wanted to hunt, you hunted in the rain.
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    Who else is...

    I got a good ride in yesterday. I try and get bigger rides in on wednesday. Ran into the same trail runner last night as the week before. trying to balance, being self employed, the wife and my adrenaline fix is not always easy. I need that adrenaline fix to function right.
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    Who else is...

    dang, some of you folks definatly live in the flatlands. 10 mile ride here will have 2000 vert. hoping to do that this afternoon. Memorial day weekend was fricken nuts. Non stop customers, we went from doing nothing, to doing more than we can handle. The roller coaster ride has been...
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    Demographics of Eastmans Hunting Forum

    51, and am self employed. i have played hard enough, i feel 71. it is amazing the aches and pains one can have. I get out of a chair and have to walk huched over for a few steps, than things start cracking and popping and i am off running. not really running, but going fast. on a side not...
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    2020 goals/desires

    my new goal is to survive the craziness that is occuring in retail. May of 2020 will be my best month ever and i can't get product to replace what i sold. So i will probably have a dismal summer because of no product to sell. Talk about a roller coaster.
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    Who else is...

    I got a good ride in yesterday, have a good memorial day weekend everyone.
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    Post Your Favorite Hunting Picture!

    stone was with simpson stone sheep, thanks he hent 39 inches on the long horn.
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    Who else is...

    instead of a stress heart attack, i went for a ride.
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    TagHub Exclusive! Survive A Bear Attack!

    I understand revenue streams, but taghub's click bait way of doing things is a very big turnoff.
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    Things are opening up!

    idaho has been open, been a fricken madhouse, no covid here, so back to normal for the most part. washington is still closed, so they are flocking to north idaho to shop. May of 2019 was my best month ever in retail. i am currently 23% up for the month. However, i did do some math and the...
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    Cartridge extraction

    go deep I am not technical in any way. I am defiantly big picture guy and those little details just get in my way. Therefore i don't reload. But follow with me. The gun you are shooting, has been shot alot. When that gun was made, the powders where probably different than todays powders. so...
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    Favorite Beer

    I am a simple man. Jack daniels or bud light. Definatley cans, way to hard to recycle glass and i don't have to worry about breaking bottles. I have been a can man for 30 years.
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    Shooting in the rain and wet optics

    winchester in the jungles of north idaho, the flip up ones, allow to much water in. Arid areas, they might work ok, But in really wet areas, the flip ups are worthless, they only seem to work for dust, dirt ect, not pouring down rain for days. And you don't take them off until you are ready...
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    Shooting in the rain and wet optics

    bikini scope covers are the only covers that actually work. not quick taking off, but they work.
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    Canada Gun Ban!

    kiddogy I have been in idaho a long time. you are so wrong. the mountains of BC are incredible. I wish the 49th parrel was the 50th. holy shet the kootenays are so awesome