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    Best Way to Sharpen a Knife

    That's why I like Havalon's new Talon. No way am I breaking one of these blades. I think they're honestly stronger than my steak knives.
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    How Do You Breakdown an Elk?

    Actually sorry I wasn't more specific, this is a cow hunt that I'm looking at. I only ever cut a skull plate once and it was a huge pain in the butt, at least the way I did it, but at least I had the antlers to hold onto. What do y'all do with a cow?
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    How Do You Breakdown an Elk?

    I'm going to be hunting out of state this year and on the chance I get lucky, I'm trying to figure out how to complex with the combination of evidence of sex but no-brain-matter-across-state-lines transport (CWD) requirements. I know the answer is to cut the top of the head plate off and leave...
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    Best Way to Sharpen a Knife

    I use a traditional wet/dry stone for kitchen knives. I also have one of those fancy things with the long rod that you clamp different stones onto, and it works great, but as said above it takes too much time. Honestly for most of my knives I tend to abuse the heck out of them, at least the one...
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    18 Year Wait

    Wow, congrats. I couldn't even make it through my first marriage for 18 years. :D
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    Time is up! Good luck!

    I groan every time I hit the CPW Web site, but at least it's gotten better over the past few years. Good luck guys. I'm on my last of a 4-year points rotation, so this is another PP > EasyDrawZone combo, one I'm sure I'll get. Next year will be the nail biter for me...
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    Help me decide. Model 7 caliber change.

    Tell you one thing, even during this "sky is falling" run on ammo I can still consistently get 7mm-08 ammo in my local store. Almost nothing else is there, and I don't have a choice of brands, but I can get it.
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    We need to go back to: Ride Fast and Take Chances

    You guys are like a walking My Name is Earl episode :D
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    How Do You Breakdown an Elk?

    I actually do the same! I'm the forgetful sort, so I have a short checklist. I literally forgot to take any selfies last year - I've never been much of a photographer so I don't really think about it. I got home and my wife was like "where's your kill shot, I want to share it with our family?"...
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    2021 Montana bill to bring back outfitters and give them 60% of nonresident tags.

    Darn. I was hoping to hunt Montana soon. Guess I'll look elsewhere.
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    Always check your trailers safty chains!

    There was one just last year near Pagosa Springs: That's not too far from you, Colorado Cowboy, isn't it? I remember that story because I had gone up that same road literally the day before with my own trailer.
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    The video question of the year...

    My time to shine. I have all of these, and have probably also owned every weird-o product to come along over the years. (Anybody ever use a Boxee Box?) IMO the very best option you can get "for most purposes" is a TV with Roku built in. It's really hard to beat a simple, all-in-one solution...
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    Best trailer tires?

    I've seen the truck tire thing but I personally wouldn't recommend it. Truck tires are typically inflated to 45psi or so and are designed to provide a balance between traction in ice/snow, gas mileage, ride comfort, and long life. Trailers have different needs. Their wheels aren't powered, gas...
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    New pack wanted

    I love my Eberlestock J34 "Just One" but not gonna lie, their packs are often kind of "weird". I use it as my hauler and it's nice to know if I need to, I can use it as a multi-day because I have the duffel for it. But between the floppy lid and the way the belt never seemed to sit right on my...
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    So...What are your plans for 2021?

    I'm in for: CO rifle cow draw CO rifle bull OTC same unit (will buy when they go on sale) CO rifle mule deer point CO rifle pronghorn point UT muzzleloader elk No archery this year. I hurt my arm so I've been taking it easy, and I don't think I can take the time off work in Sept.