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    Montana Results are posted

    I got lucky again this year. Looking forward to hunting very soon.
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    Missoulian Artical Today - SWF and Big Game Forever truth

    These two groups are a joke!
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    On the Today Show this morning - What a joke!
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    Bigger issue than wolves

    With the big fury that wolves are killing all the elk in Montana, I thought I would post some information that shows you what is NOT going to happen if every wolf in MT were to die tomorrow of some mysterious disease. What is NOT going to happen is large increases in elk numbers. Look at the...
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    SFW and Big Game Forever...your thoughts?

    I've been ready more and more about these two groups, and the more I find out the more it pisses me off!
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    My Son's First

    Posted the story and pics under the Antelope tread above. Montana is a wonderful place!
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    Speedgoat hits the ground! My Son's first!

    My Son's First Kill! After spending two days prior to opening day sitting in the shade of the car watching many antelope in the area, we decided to try out this one water hole on opening day. This is my son's first year hunting and I wanted him to get a higher percentage opportunity at a...
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    Good Luck!

    For those who are hunting speedgoats next week, I wish you all luck! We live in a special place that other only dream of. Be safe! I'm looking forward to seeing pics, and posting some pics of my own this hunting season.
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    Montana Surplus Tags - On Sale Aug 8

    Here is the list
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    Antelope 12 and couting...

    We are getting close to the opener here in Montana. Been checking out my go-to water holes for my son to shoot his first antelope (or animal) and it does not look good. Water everywhere! Not that i'm shocked, but even some of the holes that never have had water near them, are even usless...
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    Spotting Scope under $300

    Not wanting to spend a ton of money on one, but if you had $300 what would you buy. Looking for a 60mm.
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    3 weeks!

    I drew my antelope tag for Montana. Looks like one buck, and two does this year again! Might hold off until the rut, but it's so hard to do. Been shooting well. The new sight has me grouping at 100. The speedgoats will not be safe this year! Who else is going early and with a bow?
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    Elk, Deer, and Antelope - Draw Results

    Check your bonus points! My have deer points have gone to zero, but not holding my breath until I see it officially on the draw results screen.
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    It's almost time!

    5 weeks left here in Montana before we are chasing speedgoats! Still a ton of water everywhere. Spot and stalk maybe the only way to go this year. If your hunting with a bow, what state, and when can you start? How many tags can you buy? Drawing results for Montana will be out next week...
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    Bowcast at the Bird

    Anyone heading to Snowbird (Utah) this weekend for this 3D shoot?