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    .264 Win Mag on Elk

    100% of dead elk surveyed couldn't tell if it was a .277, .264, .284, .308 or whatever caliber bullet it was that hit 'em. Bullet placement is everything.
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    altitude pills

    You really need to re-think your travel plans and make every effort to spend time around 5k' or so before going to higher elevations. I work in cardiology and see people every year being brought out of the high country; I don't even wanna deal with 'em anymore, it's not like getting altitude...
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    Wyoming Tag

    Yep, I drew a unit 58 antelope tag; gonna try hunting with my flintlock.
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    1st time goat hunt CO G12

    Another guy died up in there yesterday (7/10) descending off South Maroon Peak. According to news, body's still up there, they have to send a chopper up in there to recover it. Brutal country up in there.
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    Colorado Unit 43 Advice

    Here's your unit
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    Fishing 2016

    Cat Island, Bahamas bonefishing a couple weeks ago. I love poking around the remote Bahamian Islands; usually nobody around and it's the closest thing to sneaking up on a buck or bull I've found, but with a fly rod instead of another kind of weapon. I am reasonably sure I had the only RMEF hat...
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    2015 elk succes thread

    Packing out a cow I took last week. I took the shot about 90 minutes before full darkness, and since I was out by myself with no one to worry about back in camp I made the decision to stay out all night and get the job done. I got out with the last quarter at 3AM. Got back to my camp spot...
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    Grand Mesa mudslide

    Don't know if many have heard about this but it's a real crummy sounding situation up there on north side of Grand Mesa. 3 guys missing, presumed buried in the slide (one of my coworkers knew one of the guys); now a lake forming above the slide because it formed a dam. They don't know if that...
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    High Country Conditions

    Looked good up where I was at scouting last weekend
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    Scent free insect repellant?

    With all the steps we take to stay scent free while hunting, is there such a thing as scent free insect repellant? Archery season is just around the corner and bugs can still be pretty bad this time of year.