Grand Mesa mudslide


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Jan 29, 2012
Don't know if many have heard about this but it's a real crummy sounding situation up there on north side of Grand Mesa. 3 guys missing, presumed buried in the slide (one of my coworkers knew one of the guys); now a lake forming above the slide because it formed a dam. They don't know if that lake will eventually break through and maybe cause another slide; if so it could happen, today, tomorrow, next week, or a year from now. The slide area is unstable enough that they have pulled all the searchers out 'cause it's just too dangerous to be there. There's big thunderhead clouds in the area right now, if one of the fairly common afternoon mountain cloudbursts hit the area it could cause more slides/floods. Some of the ranches in the area are getting ready to evacuate. Real sad situation for those missing guys and their families.