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    I've had mine since the early 90's, still going strong. Can't tell you how many hunts. Packed out an elk with it just last fall. Photo is from that hunt getting ready to head out after the hunt, that's me on the right with my Schuh pack loaded up.
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    Deer herd in the LaSal Mtns.

    Thanks guys. Any word on deer numbers?
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    Deer herd in the LaSal Mtns.

    I and a friend have several preference points for mule deer and would like to hunt the general archery season in the LaSal Mtns. outside of Moab. Hunted there many times before but haven't hunted there in 15 years. Wondering how the deer population is in the LaSals these days. Have a spot I...
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    How was the winter in the Unitas?

    Will be heading to Utah in about 4 weeks to hunt elk. Hopefully we'll find good numbers of animals.
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    How was the winter in the Unitas?

    Heard southwestern Wyoming had a tough winter. Planning on elk hunting again this year in the Unitas and was wondering how the winter conditions were on the north slope of the Unitas. Are the game animals normally able to migrate down to the lower elevations without problems?
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    Winter in the Bighorns

    Anyone in the Bighorn Mtns. area know how the winter has been there and the mule deer forecast for the upcoming fall.
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    Utah and Wyoming Success

    Just returned from a combination Utah elk hunt and Wyoming mule deer hunt. I was fortunate to be successful in both states. I shot the Utah spike bull from our spike camp several miles in. A nightmare pack out through fallen timber. Glad it was a smaller elk. The Wyoming mule deer was taken...
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    Seek Outside or Kifaru

    Looking for a light weight shelter for a upcoming backpack hunt. Have been looking at Seek Outside's Silvertip teepee and Little Bug Out 3/4 tarp vs Kifaru's Paratarp. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated on these shelters. The hunt will be the last week of August in Utah so real cold temps...
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    Weather in the Uintas, late August

    We will be doing a backpack elk hunt on the north slope of the Uintas the last week of August this year. I'm trying to decide if I'll need my heavy weight sleeping bag rated to 0 degrees or if I can get away with a lighter weight bag rated to about 25 degrees? Hunted the LaSals many years ago...
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    Elk, Northern Slope of the Uintas?

    Hunted Utah many times but never in this area for elk. The area is referred to Northern Slope Summit / West Daggett. I will be hunting the early archery season, last week of August. Anyone familiar with this area? How are hunter numbers? Does one need to backpack in or can you access good elk...
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    Elk, Northern slope of Uintas mountains

    Have hunted Utah many times for mule deer in the Lasal Mtns. but am planning on the OTC elk tag for archery this year. Am looking at the northern slope of the Unitas, northwest of Vernal. Looks like the name of this hunt is "Northern Slope Summit / West Daggett. Have a few questions for anyone...
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    2017 Mule Deer Success Thread

    Took this buck on Sept. 10th. in Wyoming. Past up a few before this one.
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    Wyoming Success, Great buck

    Was fortunate enough to take this great mule deer on Sept. 10th. in Wyoming's Bighorn Mtns.
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    Deer herd in the Northern Bighorns

    We keep hearing tales of woe concerning the deer herd out west, but it seems to be in western Wyoming where the worst reports are coming from. Anybody been in the northern Bighorns this summer to observe the deer herd there? How did they fair this past winter and spring? We have archery deer...
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    Preference points?

    I am a non-resident and failed to draw a general season mule deer tag. My question is; do I automatically get a preference point for next year's draw for this hunt? Or do I need to buy a preference point?