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    Black Powder Hunter Kills Bowhunter in CO

    I went to high school with Greg (the deceased). He was an absolute character and loved the outdoors. It's a real shame what happened.
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    Unit 46, 2nd Rifle

    Yessir, got a bull tag. Had a 90% chance of drawing with no points, and I guess I got lucky. Really excited for the experience, even if it's unsuccessful
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    Unit 46, 2nd Rifle

    That's good information. I'm planning to stay west of that shooting area, but definitely good to know. Pretty much going to hunt from the center to the west of the unit. Not sure if I want to venture past Geneva Road, but will have spots picked out to the west in case I get skunked on action...
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    Unit 46, 2nd Rifle

    Hi all, I was lucky enough to draw my first year putting in, and got 2R for Unit 46 (north of Bailey). Has anyone ever hunted this unit? I'm curious about access points and camping spots. I'll be backpack camping for 3-4 days, and I want to spend the first day and a half prior to season...
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    Draw Results start tomorrow all week long !!!!

    First time going through the draw this year...what does it mean if it still says "entered" above my elk choices?
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    Anyone buy a new bow this year?

    Actually got one yesterday! I went with the Mission MXR in the original Realtree. First bow, and I shot a Hoyt and Bear along with it, and for the money, I couldn't tell the difference between the Hoyt and the Mission. Set it at 60# and shot about 40 arrows all in before I started getting a...
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    Draw/OTC Question

    Good deal, thanks Jim. I'm just wanting to get in the hills in September, so I'll pick from the brochure on page 38 and just run on in!
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    Draw/OTC Question

    Hi all, I've put in for 1st and 2nd choice List A tags (antlered 2nd rifle, E/S 1st rifle). My question is if I'm allowed to get an archery OTC tag for antlerless (List B) and still be in compliance? The way I'm reading the brochure is you're not allowed to hold two List A tags in a single...
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    Anyone buy a new bow this year?

    I'm looking to buy one soon. Entry level. Looking at the Hoyt Torrex. Complete package from Scheels is looking at around $700
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    Apps Are In

    First year putting in for the draw. Chose a unit that I have 90% chance as my first choice for 2R elk, as OTC is always an option. Went for muley points. Best of luck to everyone on their draws!
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    Unit 39/46 - Mule Deer & Elk

    Does anyone have any experience with Unit 39/46 for Mule Deer or Unit 46 for elk? Looking to use first choice for those on both species as my first official hunt as I can draw with 0 resident points. Feel fairly comfortable with the terrain and doesn't look like a lot of private land...
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    FNG here!

    Hi all, Just realized I'd never done this and have already posted a few times - apologies for my lack of manners! My name is Clayton, and my wife and I live just west of Denver. I grew up in South Louisiana / South Texas, went to LSU (Geaux Tigers!), and currently work in wind farm...
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    OTC Elk

    Oh absolutely, the big game brochure is one of my main reading materials right now haha. Good thing season is later in the year, so I have plenty of time to read up. Now to figure out the point/draw system...
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    OTC Elk

    Hi, new hunter here and hoping to get out in 2nd/3rd rifle in 2021 while I start to build points in CO (another list of questions for that, but I'll keep it simple for now and just address OTC). Can someone explain to me the OTC process for elk in Colorado? When do I need to purchase this tag...
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    So...What are your plans for 2021?

    2021 will be my first year hunting big game (Colorado resident). I'm hoping to start putting in for points and go for an OTC elk hunt in the meantime. I have a lot to learn but I'm very excited to get into the woods!