FNG here!


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Nov 16, 2020
Denver, CO
Hi all,

Just realized I'd never done this and have already posted a few times - apologies for my lack of manners!

My name is Clayton, and my wife and I live just west of Denver. I grew up in South Louisiana / South Texas, went to LSU (Geaux Tigers!), and currently work in wind farm construction. Spent several years traveling around the country building sites, but have now settled here in Colorado.

I've had some limited experiences with waterfowl, but 2021 will be the first season I will ever pursue big game. I just turned 30, so I guess I just caught the bug late. But better late than never! Looking forward to regs being released next month so I can read them cover to cover a few times in hopes that I somewhat understand what I'm doing with the draws, and hoping to gain some beginner experience on an OTC rifle hunt this year.

If anyone ever wants a tagalong who will help pack meat and supplies in exchange for some pointers and in-wood experience, I'm all ears! Good luck in this year's applications, and looking forward to learning a lot from everyone here!


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Mar 9, 2014
Welcome to the forum. A lot of great folks and good information can be found here.
lotta members from Colorado so I’m sure you’ll find a few willing partners.
Thanks for the introduction.
PS: this is a forum that loves pictures! Post them if you got them
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Jul 9, 2018

As a Colorado hunter (I'm in Lafayette, CO myself) originally from the Northeast one thing I'd definitely share is you can't over-stress the difference in terrain. Honestly, of all the experience I've gotten in recent years, knowing the territory was way more valuable than knowing the animals. Sure, elk are "different" from deer, but the basic techniques are all the same. What I found most useful was the scouting, hands down. I must have put in several hundred miles of hiking in all seasons over several years to really get to know the state - and Colorado is interesting in that it has like 6 different micro-climates all in a single state. If you hunt down by Durango it's a very different environment than near Craig or close to Denver.

There's a ton of great information on this forum - if you poke around you'll find lots of great posts from folks talking others through the application process, advice on different areas, etc. You won't find any "secret spots" and probably not many who want a tag-along but it'll give you a big running start.