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    Mountain Ridge Gear Duffel Bag Set!

    This would be nice Thanks Again
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    Initial Ascent IA4K Giveaway

    Great give way Thanks Guys
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    Huntin Buddy

    Update on dad still taking treatments Dr has changed dates for Oct treatment we are headed to Colorado for sec elk rifle hunt hes been doing good thanks all that has prayed for Dad I got a new boat so we could do more fishing that is his most enjoyed sport an not to hard on him
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    Any AR 15 - 10 guys on here

    I have a DPMS Gen II an I can not get the Qad rail off can I heat it with out damaging it it threads on with lock nut
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    Huntin Buddy

    Colorado 2015
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    Huntin Buddy

    Just found out that Dad has cancer we do not know what kind or stage yet just have a bad feeling 2015 elk hunt may have been his last trip even if he can beat it I can see that he's hurting Glad to be able to get on here an read you guys story's an have friend to lean on
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    Master Reloaders

    Does anyone reload 280 Ackley Improved? What kind of load do you guys shoot an what kind of fps will they run? Can anyone share some reload data? Thanks Pat
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    Montana where to start?

    I want to hunt Montana in the next 5 yrs before my dad is to old to go he is in great shape but things can changee for anyone just looking for a place to start investing sometime researching
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    Bob Marshall Wilderness

    What do you guys think about the bob marshall wilderness is it worth putting some time into maps etc would only be able to put boots on the ground if we commit to hunting there being so far away this is something I want to do with dad before he is to old for a back country hunt in MT
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    Berger 7mm 195gr Extreme Outer Limits Elite Hunter Bullet (G1=0.754)

    UH this is a barnes 168 ttsx after it hit steel at 1050 yds 300 rum 3280 fps shot my elk at 508 yds with that same load pass though the elk braking the front leg on the opposite side
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    Unit 80 elk trip

    Our Colorado trip turned out great not the biggest bulls but did not come home empty handed shot my bull at 508 yd up a canyon my dad was squeezing the trigger on the same bull when I may the shot they did not know I could see the bull from where I had set up in the rocks dad was up on the side...
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    EHJ or EBJ

    Witch is the best? I rifle hunt an bow hunt looking to see what is to offer in a eastmans subscription
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    What type of bugles are everyone using looking in to getting a new one? How many of you call during the early season or do you even call at all?
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    Pack Horses

    What type of pelleted feed do you all use going to start feeding them some a few weeks before we head out so they don't have a sudden big change in diet? I know it has to be pelleted for the back country no hay no grain type feed. Thanks everyone!!
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    San Juan Wilderness Area Unit 81

    Who all has hunted unit 81 San Juan wilderness area looking at the high country for an Oct 10-14 hunt going to pack in do not know what to expect if its over run by hunters or drop camps if there are even any elk in there just thinking kinda getting amped up about it. Thanks to any one that replies!