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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    I really wonder if you believe what you are telling everyone about waiting periods? I have looked into waiting periods in the past and found little change to drawing odds in premium areas. Let me show you what I mean: In a popular Wyoming elk area the resident draw odds this year were...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    After how many threads on each hunting board, after countless times we hear Wyoming depends on NR dollars, just another comment on how Game & Fish will go broke going 90/10 and residents don't understand it. Trust me, revenue for the change has been looked about a gozillion times by all...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    Generally, NR have a higher success ratio. Check out the harvest reports. So much for common sense.
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    There are changes already discussed for the big five that will surely be talked about on Thursday. OIL status, change to bonus points and change in allocation between random and PP to name a few. Also, how the G&F can use total tag numbers to make the random/PP split to ensure every applicant...
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    Without a doubt that conversion will be discussed, but where I agree with you the most is on consensus. As far as 90/10, it's time for Wyoming to get up to speed. I've never shed tears when other states changed the game on me, full well knowing it can and will happen in the draw game.
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    Wyo Task Force - Nonres Comments!

    This is just a guess, but I expect the task force is going to know NR are not going to be in favor of 90/10 for the big five. Just a guess...
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    Wildlife task force, 90-10, etc.

    I am going to testify at the next Task Force meeting that if Wyoming implements 90/10, there will be thousands of NR hunters moving here. Think of the economic boost to Wyoming!
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    Wildlife task force, 90-10, etc.

    I was right there when the President of WYOGA said the outfitters would support 90/10 for the big 5. The only BS is coming from those who continue to make up their own scenario of what happened. Some form of 90/10 is going to happen and the outfitters will be asking for something in exchange...
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    2021 WY Quality

    This is all so interesting. Every buck I've taken over 80 and the same within my family, have had all adult front incisors, which means they were 4+ years old. These were taken almost exclusively in central Wyoming within an hour of Casper. Really none of this matters much to me and I am...
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    Wy SF0074

    Almost correct. A nonresident can hunt the wilderness in Wyoming, just not big or trophy game.
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    Wyoming bison

    The biggest mistake anyone can make when they hold an any bison tag is to wait until late in the season and rely on the refuge for their hunt.
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    Doe in heat ?

    This is spot on, watched a dandy buck yesterday chasing a doe. I also believe it coincides with their horns being done growing, which is usually June here in central Wyoming.
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    Hunt alone ? (partner preferred)

    Carrying a GPS gets me into public ground and keeps me legal. To hunt where I hunt without one is foolish unless you like trespass tickets. It also gets you back to camp when the fog rolls in or a snow squall picks up at dusk and you can't see 50 feet in front of you. Walking back to camp in the...
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    Corner Hopping

    I don't quite understand your comments about property damage. Corner cross is stepping over a corner from public to public. Where from within this action does the damage come from? Obviously those that give all of us a bad name may throw trash on public land or even trespass and throw trash on...
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    160 tag loss for WY Pronghorn hunters...

    I wonder where Rep Allen gets his information about the Shoshone involved in the One Shot. They are simply performers paid for their service by the One Shot Club. They have no say in how the hunt is run or that no women are allowed.. This was confirmed to me in conversations with two One Shot...