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    Black Hills Whitetail???

    There are some new rules in place for NR hunters on public land in SD. Be aware of those before you buy a tag.
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    Which state has the best opportunities and draw odds for Resident Hunters

    Look at what tags you can get every year and the decision is quite simple. Some states that have huge elk, have low elk numbers, and millions of residents so you will rarely ever draw a tag. Some states have elk and deer seasons that are only a few days long for residents, while others have...
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    Changes to SD NR hunting, WOW!

    Just going to leave this here. Yikes.
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    Unit 34 Wyoming Deer

    Welcome LOL
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    Draw Odds: Do your own homework!

    What to do?
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    4 Canadian wolves air-dropped in US national park to deal with moose
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    In the Shadow of the Bighorns

    Great shots, thanks for sharing! Technically that area near the bighorns is not considered the high plains. That is a bit South and East, and stretches all the way into Texas. #25 on the map.
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    Wolves slaughter 19 elk in Wyoming
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    Elk Mounts

    There are much better Ameican made options than those flimsy foreign chinese hookers. is made in Wyoming.
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    Badlands Bino X harness

    Up for sale we have a Badlands Bino X harness is excellent condition. I could not find any stains, rips, tears, or signs of use. Appears to have never been in the field. $75 shipped. Payment via pay pal.
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    Eberlestock Nosegunner Bincoular Harness

    Up for sale we have an Eberlestock Nosegunner bino harness in excellent condition. Appears to have never been used in the field, no cuts, stains, or signs of wear. $75 shipped to your door. Payment via Pay Pal.
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    Boot info

    Kenetreks are the worst boots I have ever purchased. The soles started falling apart, the rubber wrap came loose, and they started leaking shortly after purchasing. I never could get them to fit right, always rubbed my heel no matter the insoles, socks, or lacing technique after putting myself...
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    Grizzly bear in the Bitterroot.

    For those who were not aware of how large the griz range was not that long ago.
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    The rollercoaster elk hunt

    As the title mentioned this was quite the journey in the making and all started when I moved back to Laramie in May of 17. So last year I had to wait my year. Fast forward to Oct and I am extremely excited to finally get our and hunt elk. A huge front came in for the opener and dropped temps...