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    New Hunting Trailer / Camper / Toy Hauler build - Follow along!

    I'd def put a window on both sides. You should have an escape on both sides in case the trailer is somehow turned over. More air flow as well. Something I never thought about but I've seen brought up on some youtubers builds is the amount of VOCs in such a small confined space. The paint, epoxy...
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    VX-3i vs Cabelas Euro

    It's a Meopta not a Vortex. Lenses are multicoated coated with MeoBright.
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    VX-3i vs Cabelas Euro

    So I had decided on a 4.5-14 Leupold VX3i with the B&C reticle to top off my 7mm; however I just noticed that cabelas has a great deal going on. From what I've read the instinct euro line is the meopta meopro rebranded for cabelas and it's currently on sale for $525 plus another 20% off making...
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    Someone tried to hack my account

    Hey guys, I'm generally more of a lurker here since my western hunting is limited to one trip to WY but I figured I'd give everyone a heads up and try to find out if this has happened to anyone else. Yest I received an email from Eastmans saying that someone tried to log into my account and...