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    Leupold goldring spotting scope

    Selling my Leupold goldring spotting scope. it is a 12-40X60 adjustable. Crystal clear in great condition! Scope comes with phone scope for an I phone. Very nice setup and a perfect lightweight scope for backpacking in. Comes with brown Leupold protective cover. Send me a PM for pictures...
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    Hoyt defiant turbo 70#

    Just bought the new defiant turbo a few weeks ago. Only put about 40 arrows through it. Love the bow but I unfortunately tore my rotator cuff and need surgery on my shoulder and can't bowhunt this season. The bow is the 2016 defiant turbo 70 lb limbs in ridge reaper camo. dL is set at 28.5 but...
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    Exo 5500 vs mystery ranch Marshall

    Been looking into a new pack and have been hearing great things about the new Exo mountain 5500. I saw on mystery ranch that they have come out with the new "Marshall" pack. Haven't been able to find many reviews or much about how this pack performs. Has anyone put these two packs to the test...
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    Nevada 071-079-091 early archery

    Hello all just received an email from NFG saying a drew this tag as an alternate. One came available and I got lucky. Starting research and going to scout in two weeks. Season is August 10-sept 9. Pretty excited! Anyone had any luck in this unit? Any pictures of deer or just the country? Can't...
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    Game Cams

    Hello all! In the market for a couple more cams. Seeing what you all like and why? I currently have a couple of the Cabelas with the small Led 8mp. I like it but the picture quality isn't that great. seeing what others are liking. Thanks!
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    Idaho Pioneer zone. Units 36A, 49,50

    Hello all! Planning this years elk hunt in Idaho and seeing if anyone has had luck in any of these units? Heading there the first week of May for a scouting trip and hit up the spring bear hunt while were at it. Not asking for any spots here, just want to know of any success stories! Post some...
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    Island park areas in SEPTEMBER idaho!

    Anyone hunted any of the island park units? Our elk season will be taking us back to Idaho, we're trying some new areas and the island park area seems like the herd is doing well. Draw for rifle and muzzy. OTC for archery, which is what we're doing. Chatted with The areas biologist last week and...
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    Idaho unit 46-47

    Anyone hunted these units in idaho? Saw a ton of pronghorn while hunting elk in there. Believe it's a draw unit but unlimited tags. Can't wait to get out there with the bow and go after these guys! It will be a first!
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    Sierra designs backcountry bed

    Sierra designs backcountry bed came in today. Really like the idea, we will see how it works in the field. I'm a backcountry hunter so it will be interesting. Being a bigger guy around the shoulders the mummy bag I've used for years needed an upgrade and wanted to try something new. It stuffs...
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    what do you carry in your bow repair kit for backcountry hunts?

    wondering what you all carry in your bow repair kit for backcountry hunts? Working on getting a small repair kit together to throw in my pack for the upcoming season! Thank you!
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    Suggestions for backcountry stove

    Revamping my backcountry gear this season. What do you guys carry? Comparing the Jet Boils and products like the whisperlite or superfly by MSR. any pros or cons that you have experienced with these would be great. thank you!
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    Kuiu Icon Pro 7200

    Just purchased the Kuiu Icon Pro 7200. Ordered both hip pouches and some extra straps. Still waiting for it as its on backorder. Does anyone have any pics of that thing loaded up or any DIY mods/tips that have worked well for you?
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    Pasayten Wilderness area for High Buck

    Has anyone done the high buck hunt in the Pasayten Wilderness Area? Myself and some buddies from work are planning on doing a little backcountry hunt in there in Sept. Never hunted it but going to be doing a scouting trip in a couple months. Been checking out google earth and found some great...
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    Arizona OTC unit 21 and 22?

    Has anyone hunted mulies or coues down in AZ in unit 21 or 22? I have a family in the cave creek area and plan on huntin dec/jan this upcoming year. I'm In the initial planning phase so any info on these units is much appreciated!
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    Cabelas EURO HD 15x56 (Meopta)

    If anyone is in the market for some great optics for a decent price (compared to the Swaros) check out the Cabelas EURO HD's. I caved and bought a pair of 15x56's for my mule deer hunt in Arizona and I absolutely love them. I did a ton of research and checked out the zeiss, kaibabs, and the...