Sierra designs backcountry bed


Feb 6, 2015
Sierra designs backcountry bed came in today. Really like the idea, we will see how it works in the field. I'm a backcountry hunter so it will be interesting. Being a bigger guy around the shoulders the mummy bag I've used for years needed an upgrade and wanted to try something new. It stuffs very well in my pack and the weight isn't anything more than my previous pack.

Anyone else used it?

I'll let you know how the first use goes next weekend!
I got one last year for a Dall Sheep hunt in Alaska and I loved it. I am not a big guy, but I find it comfortable and warm. It work well for me here in Wyoming too for an unplanned overnight during an elk hunt. The only issue I had was during the night once I had moved in my sleep enough that the quilt part had gotten pushed off of me and I woke up cold. That hasn't happened with the mummy bags I have used, but love the convenience of being able to throw the covers back on warmer nights.