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    CA Blacktail

    Shot this one yesterday just as the rain was stopping
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    Hunting in the rain

    One more
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    Hunting in the rain

    I hunt in the rain and after the rain especially if the sun is gonna come out and let those deer come out to dry themselves off. I shot this one yesterday just as the rain was tapering off early in the morning
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    Pine Valley Deer

    I drew the rifle tag for this unit and don't really know what to expect just looking for an opportunity to fill the freezer. I heard it can be a zoo and want to get into an area where I can get away from the crowds and maybe shoot a decent buck. I've been looking at the areas southwest of...
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    Check out this Camo!!
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    tag exchange/return question

    So I drew a limited entry archery elk tag with my 2nd choice that now I am unable to go on but I would like to exchange it for an over the counter rifle tag can I do this what are my options??
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    CA draw results are starting to post

    deer is showing for me everything else is still pending
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    The Gila is Burning Hope it doesn't torch everything
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    Drawing process for elk, antelope and sheep in CA

    I've been annoyed by the drawing process in CA for elk, antelope and sheep in CA for a while so I decided to finally write a letter to the DFG. Probably wont do any good but it will at least feel good to get it out there. I haven't sent it yet but what do you guys think To whom it may...
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    Gila Moisture

    Anyone know what the moisture in the Gila has been like so far?
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    Lightning Strikes Twice in 16A

    Put in for 16A archery elk for the first time last year and drew third season it was my first elk hunt actually. Came away empty handed but I drew 16A again this year for the first season!!! can't wait!!
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    Idaho raises bag limit on wolves

    Idaho raises wolf limit to 5 per person/year way to go just keep pulling the trigger when you see a pack in certain units
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    Has anyone setup an NFA trust?

    Just wondering how you went about it and how much it ended up costing to do
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    Thank You Nikon!!

    Sent my Nikon Monarch ATB 10x42's in for some warranty work a couple weeks ago and got home today to a brand new pair of Nikon series 5 10x42's...sweet
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    DIY Caribou Hunt

    Anybody done an DIY archery Caribou hunt??