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    Social Distancing - What's Everyone Doing?

    We’ve been fishing every day
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    R.I.P. gambler

    You got to know when to fold em’. He was one of the greatest country singers ever
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    Is there any good news?

    All the game in the world doesn’t help if you can’t draw or afford the tag, and that’s the direction things seem to be heading
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    Please critique my caribou gear list

    I agree with this 100%. Why carry 3# of handgun when you’re already loaded for bear?
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    Save a fawn kill a coyote

    Knocked down a couple right from the house
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    Need an Eastern Bird towards my slam

    I think it would be difficult to come to Minnesota as an out of stater, and kill a turkey. We kill a pile of them every year, some of them on public land, but I live in the area I hunt and scout like crazy. My experience with eastern turkeys is that they are very particular about where they...
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    A good book

    On some of your recommendations, I’ve read most of the cj box joe pickett books, and have enjoyed them. John sandford has written a pile of books, but I’ve gotten into his Virgil Flowers series. Virgil is an unorthodox BCA agent who works murder cases in Minnesota. He also is a fishing junkie
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    Moose arrowed at 14 Yards

    Questionable shot selection, but luckily it turned out for the good
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    Urban deer hunting

    I’ve hunted a highly organized urban deer hunt for a few years in Duluth Minnesota. The only advice I can offer is don’t be afraid to hunt where the deer are, know all the laws regarding hunting in your area, and be as proficient with your weapon as you can be. Best of luck, urban areas can...
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    Elk and deer rifle hunt outfitters

    I’ve been assigned the task of lining up a hunt for fall of 2021 for myself and 2 others. We want to rifle hunt with zero points, and want a combo hunt with elk being primary. Fully or semi guided. I’ve done a bit of research so far, and Montana seems to be the best option. I’m looking for...
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    2020 Fishing

    My sons and I fished the worlds largest ice fishing contest a few weeks ago and my 13 year old won a 4 wheeler. There’s generally around 10,000 people fishing this contest every year and my little group has beaten the odds and won a nice prize 4 years in a row
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    Removing Elk Tenderloins the Gutless Method

    Gutting an an animal does not take much time, and like you, I really enjoy the ribs.
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    The Day we Dred

    I feel your pain, man. The bond between a hunting dog and his master is a very special thing. They’re family, and find peace knowing you shared a great life with him
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    2020 bowhunting prep

    I’ve killed a lot of deer with the same swhacker broadhead. Couple passes with a diamond hone and a new shrink band, and they’re ready to go. It’s nice not having to buy a new broadhead for every deer I shoot
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    Easy to find moose this morning

    Great pictures, love seeing moose