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    Daughters first bull

    That's awesome! Congrats to you both!
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    Tomorrow's The Day

    Good luck and wishing a speedy recovery!
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    Quarter Bags

    The Alaska bags are good and I have a few. I actually prefer the Caribou bags, they are a little lighter in weight. We used these on my dads moose hunt last year and were great.
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    Secondary Draw

    Looks like they just completed Pronghorn on their website. Unsuccessful as expected.
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    Secondary Draw

    Received a successful email for bear, have not received anything for deer or antelope. Don't expect to be successful for those though.
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    Kenai Peninsula Fishing

    Thanks for all the help from everyone who had input. Ended up taking a charter with North Country Charters out of Homer. Had a blast and caught a lot of fish. My wife even said it was the highlight of the trip. Didn't get to fish any rivers and streams due to other activities planned (Seldovia...
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    Heading For Africa

    Safe travels and good luck! Look forward to hearing how your trip goes. I have one scheduled in two years to Port Elizabeth and really looking forward to it.
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    Kenai Peninsula Fishing

    Thanks fellas for the info! I will make some calls as you suggest. I do have a charter booked with North Country Charters out of Homer.
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    Kenai Peninsula Fishing

    Heading to Alaska June 15th with the family. Will drive down from Anchorage to Homer for a few days then to Seward for a few more days. I have been up hunting a few times but this is the first time with the family and is mostly a site seeing trip. I do have a day charter for halibut and salmon...
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    Eastmans' Survey

    Took it
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    MT results are out. Drew my Mtn Goat.

    Congratulations! I shot my goat with a .270 with 130 grain bullets. Dropped in his tracks. Have been on several goat hunts with others where .270 was used.
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    Elk hunt Colorado unit 61

    I have hunted 61 several times for deer and had an early season elk tag in 2017 and went with family on another elk hunt a couple years ago. As Kodiak32 said it is steep country and the elk are in the canyons. If you draw let me know and I can point you in a couple directions. Horses or several...
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    Muzzleloader pleads not guilty in fatal shooting of bow hunter

    Yeah I don't see where a ruling was handed down or a slap on the wrist. Looks like it wont be decided for a few months. Again as Jim said, he did not identify his target before pulling the trigger.
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    Colorado 4th Season Updates

    Tough hunting this year for sure, Hunted hard and saw a lot of does and small bucks. My son and I finally caught up with the biggest buck we saw on the last day and he connected.