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    Thinning the bullets.

    Glad someone could put them to good use instead of sitting in my reloading room collecting dust! Nice bear.
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    Fenced land on state or BLM

    A lot depends on the state it was in. State owned land use really varies, depending on the state. Blm varies also depends on how the lease is structured and what it actually says. Here in Colorado, you can lease state land and keep the public out. Our shooting club leases about 120 acres from...
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    How much to tip?

    First let me say I have no idea how much an outfitter pays his help. I've been on a few completely guided hunting trips and my feelings are based on the trip and not how successful I was. I also didn't use the cost of the trip as a basis for my tipping. I used to work on a fishing boat that...
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    New Hunting Trailer / Camper / Toy Hauler build - Follow along!

    There is a thread we started in 2012 on this subject too. ( pages long & lots of pictures.) General Hunting - Enclosed Cargo/Hunting Trailer Conversion Jan 25, 2012
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    Finding a good deer?

    A lot smarter than we give them credit for. I remember one time there were 3 of us hunting deer in sagebrush country. We had hunted hard all morning and were hiking back to camp for lunch. I stopped to take a wizzz and they kept going. I was about 400 yards behind them and I saw a nice 4x4 stand...
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    Fed checks arrived on time

    Now that our Alaska trip this summer has been cancelled, my wife and I decided to take a big chunk of the money we received and donate it to someplace that has been really effected by Copid-19. One of our local churches has started a Copid-19 Fund to help the Navaho Reservation. Wrote them a...
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    Alaska 2019

    The fishing/lodge business my not even operate this year. The owners are really considering cancelling the whole season. Next year.....for sure.
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    Alaska 2019

    Sad deal....just cancelled our trip to Alaska this summer because of this covid-19 crap. The couple going with us are really leary about it because the guy (I've know him for 50 years) has a kidney replacement and he has to really be careful because of the anti rejection drugs he takes. My wife...
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    30-30 WIN iron sight adjustment

    Early on the full down position (pre trigger lock) could result in the gun firing if it was dropped and hit directly on the hammer. That's why they have the intermediate Jim said "for what it is".
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    30-30 WIN iron sight adjustment

    Yep...that's what I've always call a 6 o'clock hold.
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    Hello all!

    Welcome to the forum and the USA!
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    Cartridge extraction

    Jim is spot on!
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    Cartridge extraction

    That was a lot of help!
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    Favorite Beer

    One thing I forgot to mention....I only drink beer from a bottle or draft. Hate anything canned.
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    Upgrading the Reloading Bench

    Many years ago I was in Saudi when they bought F-5 from us. Spent a month or so training their maintenance folks. Absolutely hated it there. My company wanted me to stay for a year (would have been great financially), but I just couldn't see bringing my family there.