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    First Elk ever!

    Very nice! Congrats!
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    Trophy Hunting...

    I think it means different things to different people. I grew up hunting in Vermont, where Whitetail success was about 10-12%, so unless you had your own large property, and multiple deer to choose from, you shot the first legal buck. And that was all the "trpphy" I needed. But, if you're...
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    CO Deer Results are Out

    I drew 62 second rifle, took 1-2 points last year. I drew with 2 points......
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    Colorado CC hit....

    I saw the other day the drawings were from May 24-26, or something like that. Got the email yesterday.
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    Colorado CC hit....

    Guess the point creep must not have been too bad, my credit card just got hit for $412.......;)
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    CO Point Creep in 2021? You Bet!!

    I am not totally sure how to read the tables, but it looks like everyone with 1 point that applied as a Non-Resident got a tag last year, and thats the cutoff. I have 2 points, so hopefully good.
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    CO Point Creep in 2021? You Bet!!

    So you think a unit where 1-2 points drew last year, will 2 have a chance this year? Possible? At least give me some hope...….LOL
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    When did you kill your first deer?

    1992, whitetail 6 pt. in Vermont. 11 yards, sitting on the ground, and got bit by the scope when I shot. Didn't care...… ;)
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    CO Point Creep in 2021? You Bet!!

    I'm just curious, does point creep usually affect units across the board, or only the better units where you start getting over 5-6 points? I am planning my fall trip to CO or a combo deer/elk hunt this fall, and nervous I won't get a tag. I am targeting a unit that pretty much is guaranteed...
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    It’s official.....he’s over 80”

    Thats a beauty! Congrats!
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    Daughter’s big 8

    Beauty, congrats!
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    Family's 2020 season!

    Beautiful bucks. Like the one on the bottom right. Not sure why, but I always like them when the fronts almost touch
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    Wyoming mule deer

    Very nice trip! Congrats!
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    Daughter holds the biggest buck in the household

    I've been here, just sort of a slow couple of years. Didnt get back to Vermont due to the virus this year, so no hunting there. And only got out a few times here with not much to show for it.