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    Kenetrek 400 gram insulation

    300 shipped to your door
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    Kenetrek 400 gram insulation

    These are still for sale if someone wants a quality boot for the coming up season.
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    Kenetrek 400 gram insulation

    regular width
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    Kenetrek 400 gram insulation

    I am contemplating on selling my Kenetrek's. They are a 10.5. They are not new but in good condition with no issues. I have brand new insoles in them (superfeet guide). They are broke in and have wax applied on a regular basis. I will put a fresh coat on them. The rands are in very good shape...
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    Wyoming Mountain Goat unit 3

    Here are some of the pics of the goat.
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    Wyoming Mountain Goat unit 3

    Does any one have any advice for this unit. We have 16 days left to fill a tag and we are having a difficult time finding a goat. With all of the snow yesterday it is very difficult spotting them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400

    I have a pair of Kenetrek Mountain Extreme for sale. They are 10.5 and are broke in. I would put them at a 8 out of 10 in shape. This is being conservative. They are a little so small for my feet. They actually fit just a little to snug when going down a hill. They were recently serviced by...
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    New in box Vortex Viper pst

    I have a new vortex viper pst 6x24x50. I think they are selling for about 800 but I am open to offers. It has never been taken out of the box
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    New Rifle Build

    I am in the starting stage of building a 6.5x284. What are your thoughts. Do I go with a Remington receiver from PTG that has been trued with a one piece bolt and a M16 extractor for 640 or suck it up and go with a true custom receiver like a stiller for 950?
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    Cabelas has Super good Deal on Leupold V-6 CDS

    Saw yesterday they are selling them for 7 and change. They are 6x18x44 with the CDS. They typically run 1299. However per Leupold they are coming out with a new version in 2017 with updated glass.
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    New Puppy Gun

    Alright I am planning on buying a gun to kill some puppies. I would like to get a caliber that would be big enough for my wife to shoot deer and antelope. Does anyone recommend a caliber that wont be tough on the puppy hides but be stout enough to knock down a deer or antelope. I was leaning...
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    Like New Drake Waders

    I have a pair of Drake LST Waders that I have worn three times. Zero leaks and in great shape. They are Shadow Branch and a size 11. I wear a 10.5 and they are just a hair big. The only reason I am selling is because the inseam is to short for me. I am a 36 inseam and they are a 34 and very...
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    Defiance Action

    Does anyone know where to get a good deal on a defiance action? I am looking at building a rifle before next elk season.
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    Bad Luck

    So I had posted a picture of a Whitetail that I was hunting in Wyoming. All of the general seasons closed and I am fortunate to have a late season tag. I went to put up a Locon Friday after work. After I hung the stand I decided to sit until dark. After sitting in the stand for 5 minutes I catch...
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    WY Stud

    I had a picture of this buck in Aug but just a side view up close. I knew he was big but no idea this big. I think he will go in the mid 160's and fingers crossed be a booner. I had not checked my camera since late august. What you think? I am about to start a mission.