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    New Bill Introduce to Affect DIY Elk Hunters

    You can reapply after the 7 year waiting period whether you shot a sheep or not. The same goes for moose and goat.
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    Off Range Oryx

    I lucked out and drew the off range oryx tag for December. Has anyone ever done this hunt or know anything about it? Any advice for someone with the tag?
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    Shoot or Pass?

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    WY Antelope Unit Info

    I've got 5 and my dad has 7, so if we applied as a party we would have 6. We would also consider entering the special draw. We live in Montana and can hunt antelope almost every year, so we're looking for a unit that offers us the best chance of taking some bigger bucks.
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    WY Antelope Unit Info

    I'm planning on cashing in my WY antelope points this year or next. I am looking for any info I can get on the following units: 48, 52, 53, 55, 62, 63, 73, 75, 76, 106, 108, 114. If anyone can share any info such as access issues, recent winterkills, or first hand hunting experience in any of...
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    CO Units 53, 54, 30 advice

    I am a non-resident looking to cash in my points in Colorado this year and these units best match the points I have. I could draw 3rd season tags in 30 and 54. In 53 I would have an ok chance of drawing but I wouldn't be guaranteed. Does anyone have any experience with these units? I can hunt...
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    Montana Moose Unit 331

    My dad drew a 331 Ruby moose permit this year and I am doing some research for him. I did a little archery elk hunting in the area back in college but I spent most of my time in a small portion of the unit and that has been quite a while ago. I am looking for anything- previous experience...
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    CO- Give back your tag?

    Does Colorado give you the option to give back your tag and still keep your points? If so, do they keep any of your money?
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    CO Deer Advice

    I have 11 points in Colorado for deer. It doesn't look like I am gaining any ground for better tags than what I can draw now so I am set on using my points this year. 11 points kind of puts a person in no man's land so I will probably have to draw a unit that requires less than 11 points. I have...
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    Mule Deer Success Thread!

    Saw this guy on the last week of the season last year but I didn't have a tag. He gave me the slip a couple times this year before getting him on day 7. As a bonus I found his shed while I was hunting him this year.
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    First Lite Recommendations

    Can anyone give me some suggestions on getting outfitted for September bowhunting with First Lite clothing? I was thinking the Corrugate Guide pants for sure. Does anyone have any experience with their rain gear? Is it loud? I appreciate any advice.
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    Pike On the Fly

    Here's a video I put together of my fishing trip up north.
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    CO Deer Advice

    My dad and I have 9 points for mule deer and I am hoping to gather some info for us. We would like to find an area where it would be reasonable to take 180" bucks if we hunted hard. Are there any areas that fit this description that can be drawn with 9 points? If not, how many points would it...
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    Homemade digiscoping adapters

    I have a Sony RX100m3 and would like to figure out a way to attach it to my Vortex Razor spotter to get some pictures while scouting. They make some high dollar adapters but I would like to try making something cheaper before I decide to spend the money. A friend of mine knows a machinist that...
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    Utah Elk Seasons

    I am looking for some advice from people with experience elk hunting in Utah. I have been applying for an archery elk tag in Utah and now have 6 points. Where I am now living, I can archery hunt every year with a reasonable chance to shoot a 300-340 bull. Since I have pretty good opportunities...