CO Units 53, 54, 30 advice


Mar 9, 2011
I am a non-resident looking to cash in my points in Colorado this year and these units best match the points I have. I could draw 3rd season tags in 30 and 54. In 53 I would have an ok chance of drawing but I wouldn't be guaranteed. Does anyone have any experience with these units? I can hunt deer every year in my home state so I am looking for a nice buck. I would be open to other unit suggestions too, I have 12 points. I would be willing to trade for info on hunting in Montana if anyone can be of any help.


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Mar 23, 2011
Fruita, Colorado
Unit 30 has been pretty bad as far as deer numbers go for many years now. With that being said there are some big bucks in the unit, but are very tough to turn up due to not very many bucks and very tough terrain. The best bucks are in the farm land around Fruita and Mack, but I do not know of anyo0ne letting guys on to chase those monsters.....

Unit 53 can be good if you get some good snow up high and I do not know unit 54.