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Mar 9, 2011
Can anyone give me some suggestions on getting outfitted for September bowhunting with First Lite clothing? I was thinking the Corrugate Guide pants for sure. Does anyone have any experience with their rain gear? Is it loud? I appreciate any advice.


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The corrugates are my go to. .water repellent, and they do not collect burs at all. The new rain gear is great, any good type of rain gear isn't going to be silent, but First Lite's is about as silent as I could want from quality gear. The puffy vest and jacket are with me every day. .the 5 panel hat is a great hunting hat. . And I wear all types of the base layers year round. The Llano with a 1/4 zip Chama with hood can cover most all weather scenarios along with the puffy and rain jacket. You won't be dissapointed in their gear at all

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Sep 29, 2016
Boise, ID
I highly recommend the Kanab. I have hunted the last two seasons in september in them and they are both warm, cool and breatthable. They are wool based and super comfortable. The also have buttons to pin up the lower legs for better breathability. I also like the placement of the leg pockets. They rotated them on the top making them more accessible.

I wore them during some colder weather and wore the wool base layer underwear. Also, I would highly recommend the shooter hoodie.

One of the things I like about the wool vs. the synthetic is that I wore the pants and hoodie for 10 days without washing them and had virtually no smell. I know from my old hunting clothes that 2 days was about the max before I couldn't stand myself.

First Lite rocks and I really like the ASAT camo pattern.


Jul 5, 2015
I agree with the mntnguide. The corrugates are awesome. I don't own their rain gear but plan to. I've got a lot of Kuiu but I think I like First Lite's raingear better.

Also, I highly recommend you check out their Aerowool products. I think this is the newest and best of the base layer materials. It should be more durable than 100% wool (which is also great). The backpacking community has been using this same blend of polyester and merino (65/35) for a while and I've read reviews and watched videos on it and haven't heard anything bad about it. First Lite touts it as their warm weather clothing but I think it could be used for all instances.

This is why I've started to buy First Lite some and not just Kuiu; their one of the few on the cutting edge and trying to meet all hunters needs.


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Oct 4, 2011
I have put 40 days a year in a pair of kanab pants over the past 4 years and they are my go to. They are great and layered with 1 other wool under layer and they are good for me to quite cold temps. They have held up well and only had to throw a couple of patched on them in that time one in the rear from sliding and the other on the inside of the boot cuff where they rub a bit. Overall a great pant.

Going to get a pair of the corrugate pants for my next hunting pant purchase. The sizing is a bit weird for the pants as I am 6'4" tall 210# and the xl is basically too big for me.

Good stuff you will not be disappointed if you get some.