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    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    I hope at some point in my life.... I can have a tractor just lift a bull into the back of my truck like that! I would also accept a bull running and end up dying in the bed of my truck.... either way.... :LOL:
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    Monsoons in SW Colorado

    Thanks, I have been watching that fire daily. Luckily, we are a ways off from that. I hope the smoke isn't bad come season. Last year was tough since we were bow hunting northwest of the grizzly creek fire. Dry as hell and constant smoke haze made the hunting a challenge, but we went 1 for 2...
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    Monsoons in SW Colorado

    Wow Jim, that's wild. Anyone know if the Northwest part of the state is getting some rain also? Going to be hunting near steamboat this year. Hoping to not have the super dry conditions like last year.
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    Best boots for elk hunting

    I like my Crispi's for early season. With that said.... they may not be for you. Get what fits YOU the best, this may take some trial and error. I had another brand of expensive boots that even the wides were just too thin for my fat feet... even in the wide version. Another tip would be...
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    Thanks for another great giveaway!
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    BLM beware!!

    Exactly right. I was talking with one of the state biologists a few years back. He told me basically the ranchers are running the state. That's why there is more landlocked "public" land in WY than anywhere else. What they do is trade a 40 acres parcel in the middle of their ranch for the road...
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    2019 NW Colorado Archery Muzzleloader Report

    Do you think the extra muzzleloader pressure has made them quiet?
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    Truck Tires - on/off RD

    I got some Falken Wildpeak's a few months back, been ripping through the mud a bit lately. They are great tires, quieter than my old Ironman all country tires, which were great tires also. Here they are in your size.
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    2019 NW Colorado Archery Muzzleloader Report

    You say it is the hottest day. Does that mean like mid 70's up there?
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    Blaze Orange Vest?

    Lol... 400 sq inches is like 4 sheets of paper. For a real world reference.
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    Blaze Orange Vest?

    I have this kings camo blaze vest. Best vest I have ever used. The softshell adds some warmth and its lined with fleece so its like having a softshell jacket on. It has a chest and hand pockets. Fitted so it's not all baggy and doesn't catch on stuff. I had about the same parameters as you when...
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    Forum Banner Update Contest!

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    Fishing 2019

    Grouper and a hammer. Black grouper was caught off the Abacos and the hammer was off Boca in Florida.
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    Camp Food- Post a Picture!

    T-bones and potatoes on the grill after a few days up top in satellite camp eating freeze-dried meals. Makes the sore muscles and hard-fought miles worth it.
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    Camp set ups?

    We would take this old pop up out west every year. It used to be my uncles and he took it out west every year also for many many years. Sadly, the tradition is going to end this year. We have a new 10x12 tent for base camp and hiking up into high country with satellite camp gear. It's been a...