What knife or knives do you carry? Lets see them !


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Apr 23, 2016
Cutco drop point hunting knife with the rubber handle color orange. All of my hunting friends have bought one since they have seen mine in action. Hold an edge & easy to sharpen.

I can guarantee if you know how to sharpen a knife w/ a pocket steel you will sell or give away all other big brand knives.
I wouldn't guarantee that but don't doubt it is a good knife.


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Dec 15, 2011
Carlin, NV
Outdoor Edge Swing Blade and a Buck ErgoHunter with S30V steel are my must haves. I have several others that I leave in the truck "just in case".



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Jan 22, 2018
South Texas
Case trapper, Old Timer, and Havalon Jim Shockey. I have been looking to pick up some Outdoor Edge, just not sure on which ones.

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Mar 1, 2011
I've used all the replaceable blade knives and like the Outdoor Edge the best to do a whole animal with. I really like the Havalon for caping. I got one of the Tyto knives that use the same blade, but it doesn't have a real big guard and I could see my hand slipping forward on it. I've moved away from the replaceable blade knives for hunts where I'm worried about weight. I guess I still like having a real knife that's a little sturdier and so I often end up carrying 2 knives when carrying a replaceable bladed one.

I have a couple folders I like for deer. One is an older Gerber Bolt Action Exchange blade knife. It works like a replaceable blade knife since I've got extra blades for it. 1 blade will do a deer, and I usually carry 2. I use the one in the knife for camp chores, whatever I need a pocket knife for, and then start processing a deer with it. If it dulls I have a razor sharp one on reserve. Both those in a nylon sheath weigh 4.4oz. I have 5 blades for it I'll keep in the vehicle on a hunt so if we get a few animals I can rotate through them and re-sharpen them all at home when the trip is done. The other folder is a Buck Alpha Crosslock with a saw/guthook blade and an S30V blade. It holds an edge longer than the Gerber but doesn't re-sharpen quite as easy. It's a shade lighter mainly because I don't carry a sheath with it.

For most times I like a fixed blade knife. I have 2 favorites, a Harvey King Personal (D2 steel,6oz with sheath) and a Battle Horse Knives Blackwater (O1 steel, 6.5oz with sheath). Both have 3.75" blades with real comfortable handles and are pretty light in the hand. Both are carbon steel knives with leather sheaths, and the King knife has been getting most of the use since I had it made.

I bought a different knife for Alaska this fall. I got a Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner with the S30V stainless blade and Kydex sheath just so it's simpler to care for than my old favorites. Also if I end up processing a moose in the water I won't care quite as much about losing it. I'll take it and probably one of the old favorites or my Outdoor Edge knife to keep in the pack.

Elk hunting I will throw a Cabelas ceramic steel in my pack and a little Benchmade mini tactical sharpener. I usually just use the steel but between the two I can keep a working edge on my fixed blade for an extra 3oz and never have a dull knife. For the moose hunt I plan to throw the steel plus a Worksharp field sharpener in as of now. I have been using the new Benchmade knife cutting round bales since I got it to see how quick it dulls and make sure I can put a good edge back on it with the field sharpener. I don't know the Benchmade stainless steel's qualities like I do my old carbon knives.