Washington Disabled Vet tags


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Feb 21, 2012
Two Harbors, Minnesota
There doesn't seem to be much activity ref. the state of Washington on this forum, and I suppose that is for a reason. I had previously researched the various western states for tags that are available to disabled veterans, but most are applicable to those without the physical abilities to hunt without assistance, or with at least a high disability rating. I wouldn't want to take a limited tag from one of those guys when I can still hump the high country. Anyway, here's what I found for Wash. that may be of interest;
A non-resident over 65 with ANY VA disability rating may purchase Washington state game licenses at the resident rate. I qualify on both counts, and as an example, can buy an elk, deer, wolf, mountain lion, small game tags for $117.50. The state has substantial GENERAL area to hunt, but very limited on draws in the quality areas.
My wife is from east central Wash. and would love to spend more time with her family (while I'm wandering around in the mountains.) My bro-in-law is a retired CO, and though is isn't a hunter, should have some good info on places to go. Sounds like GAME ON to me.