Using iCalendar to Coordinate Interstate Hunts


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Apr 8, 2018
Parker, Colorado
I decided to start using iCalendar today to coordinate hunts in several states, with various friends and family. I created one "hunt calendar," and invited the various participants to accept the calendar. Then, I added the following:

- CO (Colorado) planned hunting dates for me, based on vacation already planned, and knowing the availability of OTC tags, etc.
- ID (Idaho) actual "tags in my pocket" as a non-resident, as well as possible controlled hunt dates my family and their friends are applying for.
- WY (Wyoming) planned hunting dates based on first choice non-resident Antelope hunts for my stepfather and I, and knowing that likely isn't going to happen... Ha!

After the dust settles, such as successful draws, purchasing of OTC tags, etc., I'll go back and declutter the calendar to show only actual hunt dates, in the three different states.

I know. I have a lot of time on my hands, but it sure seems to help with having the big picture.



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Mar 9, 2014
Good idea. I put my info into my work outlook calendar so I can schedule my vacations and plan my work meetings and such.
Heal up soon bud.


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Feb 28, 2011
LaPorte, IN
I just use an Excel bar chart to chart all my application hunt dates to monitor possible overlaps. Then after the draws I have another Excel calendar I use to integrate the hunts with my work schedule.


Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
I just use a calendar that I get from a magazine subscription I get.

When I get it in November I just highlight the application periods. Then when the application period starts I use a different color highlighter to mark the seasons that I am putting in for. Then if I draw the tag I use another highlighter to mark the dates that I'll be gone.

I also use this same calendar to mark up all my Dr. appointments and other important dates that I need to pay attention to. Then at a quick glance I can tell if I am going to be in trouble with a season or Dr appointment. But on the Dr appointments I try to scheduled them outside of hunting seasons to keep everything good to go.

But there is always something that someone throws into the mix that tries to fowl up what I have planned.