Trophy Ridge React One Pro Review


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Dec 10, 2018
So I've used fixed pin sights my whole life. After doing a lot of research and wanting to shoot further than 60 yds i decided i was going to purchase a single pin sight. I researched a few brands and it came down to trophy ridge and spot hog for me. I liked how the trophy ridge you sight in your 20 and 30 and the rest calibrates out to 100 yards. Compared to spot hog where you sight your 20 and 100 and the rest calibrate.

I set up my trophy ridge this week and spent yesterday toying with it and getting it sighted in. My initial reactions after getting it fine tuned are as follows.

Sighting in your 20 and 30 gets you close out 100 yds but not as precise as advertised. I had to fine tweak all the way out to 50yds but it seemed after that it was right on the money.

Once fine tuned this sight is better than advertised. I was able to shoot a 3" group @ 70yards. and about 5" group @ 80 yards (im sure most of that was me not holding steady enough).

Overall i can say i am very pleased with this sight. I think the $250 price tag is a little steep. But so are many bow accessories these days.

If you are in the buying a new bow sight market. I would suggest atleast giving this sight a look.


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Apr 17, 2015
Ive had this sight on my bows for the last 5 or 6 yrs. It has performed flawlessly and has been used and abused. Very easy toolless sight in and dope to 100 yds in minutes. I will buy another if this one ever breaks.