TPWD Javelina

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Feb 21, 2011
Houston, TX
Had my hunt down near mexico this last weekend. Nice time of year to be outside. Hunt was tripod stands and they had feeders running. I have no idea how you would hunt this area any other way.

I shot one Sunday morning, it went into the nastiest thicket I have ever been in. A tangled mess of mequite, vines, stinging nettle and devils claw. Zipped one low broadise thrugh him, clipped the heart. Their heart is firmly behind the front leg, quartering away would have been a much better shot.

The staff was super helpful and freindly and they have it dialed in here. Took 6 points to draw, going to make a cool euro mount.

Just got done wrapping meat - 2 backstraps, 4 "roasts" (not that big) 8 lbs of stew meat and 3 packages of fajitas. We'll see how it eats, some say lean pork some say completely inedible. I got the hide off and used gutless method, so I dont' think there will be any contamination issues on the meat.

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Aug 14, 2014
Congrats! I'm also interested in how the meat is. I've had people say the meat is inedible, but then some people say that about antelope which is excellent.


Oct 17, 2012
Southern Illinois
I used to guide on the King Ranch. The meat is fine. Javelinas have a gland on their back (near their butt) that gives off a skunk-like odor. They need the utmost care in field-dressing, but they will taste good if done properly. The key is keeping the meat away from anything bad (just like any other animal, but a bigger downside if you fail at this).

I thought they tasted like pork. Others have said rabbit.