Thesis Defense!


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Feb 24, 2011
Jim Bridger County, Utah
Happy times gentlemen!! I know this is probably not that big of a deal to many but I'm to dang happy not to share this with some of you. The title says it all and I passed with flying colors, I just have a few more edits to do on my paper and it'll be off to the printing press!! Went out for a very fitting prime rib dinner afterwards!




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Feb 28, 2013
Central Kansas
Awesome man! Congratulations! I still have three semesters left before I defend mine... It's a long road but well worth it in the long run


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Mar 20, 2013
Dang good work !! My wife has her Doctorate and it is a huge amount of work. Congratulations and cudos to you for getting it done!!


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Oct 22, 2013
Congrats bud! Having known several family members that have gone through the thesis process, I know how taxing it can be and it's one hell of an accomplishment.


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Congratulations Woodtick! I just finished mine up as well. Did my defense back in October, I still remember how nerve wracking it was and there are still times now that I just sit back, smile, and bask in the accomplishment. Good on ya man!

Colorado Cowboy

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Jun 8, 2011
Dolores, Colorado
Thanks everyone!! And no PhD for me, academia is not my cup of tea! I just want to find me a respectful job where I can make some decent money and still be home at nights with my family!
As soon as I graduated with my BS (1963), I was drafted into the Army. Got married to my HS sweetheart while serving Uncle Sam. Went to work after discharge. After about 5 or 6 years I realized that I needed some more education. Took me another 5+ years to get my MS in 1982 at age 40. It was a tough grind. You are doing the right thing getting what you need to have in your field when you are young. Congrats again!