The 2020 Elk Success Thread


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Feb 3, 2014
Let's see em! And I expect this one to fill very fast now that rifle is starting to open in a lot of areas!!!!!


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Feb 22, 2011
I picked up a tag off the CO leftover list. Hunted with a friend of mine who knew the unit pretty well. We were trying to figure out how a group of elk were coming off some private at daylight onto the BLM for bedding. I was slipping down a north facing slope looking for well-used trails when I walked right into this guy feeding away from me at 30-35 yards. Made a couple moves to get above him and lost him in the process. Caught movement to my left and caught a top tine feeding through a 14-15" hole in the cedars/pinyons. Slid down the hill a few yards, side stepped to the right and his full shoulder came into view. He didn't stop the 300 gr Thor bullet at 25 yards. Made it about 25 yards then crashed to the bottom of the ravine. Thankful to punch my first MZL bull.

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Branden Harings

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Oct 9, 2020
2020 OTC Colorado archery. My dad and I have been on a 9 year quest for a bull with our bows. It's been a huge learning curve being flatlanders from the midwest. Over that period our tactics have evolved as we learned the habits of these amazing animals. My dad and I have been lifetime hunting partners over the last 35 years. We packed in 6 miles to the destination we had picked only to find an outfitter with 5 hunters. We chatted with them, wished them luck and as on most of our elk hunts just started combined plan B, C and not sure what to do next. Day two I got a reply from this guy and worked him with bugles for over an hour. Had him at 15 yards 3 times and drew on him 2 different times. I got a broadside shot at him at 30 yards and took out both lungs. At that moment our 9 year journey had concluded. It was a highly emotional time for both of us. We hugged, cried and just tried to take it all in. At 71 years old this quite possibly could be our last spike in hunt together for elk. Which made the moment bittersweet for me. I will forever be humbled by this experience with dad.


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Oct 4, 2011
My wife got a bull. She earned this one again as we were backpacked 4 miles and 2600’ vertical feet above any trail into a wilderness area. We had our target bull as well as 3 bulls bugling all am - just after high noon this guy came out at 380yds she could not pass him. One shot bang flop. Freezer is full!

What a fighter he broke off his main on the left as well as both 3rds, and parts of his 4ths. Great hunt that ended in sore legs!



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Mar 20, 2013
I thought I would move this to the Elk section.
Was a tough few weeks in Montana. Lots of high Temps, lots of smoke, and lots of hunters excessive calling. Been Elk hunting since the 1990s and it gets worse every year. Folks watching way to many TV elk hunts.
I had to make some changes after the first week as the Elk went silent. Did a lot of glassing and was able to spot and stalk this one. I was glad to get him with everything going on in the mountains. Ended up shooting him at 15 yds then he dropped in 30 yds.


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Apr 23, 2013
I hunted approx. 22 days in September with my bow. Got chased out of my usual unit by a 97000 acre fire and associated forest closure After a week so was in new unit for the rest. My tag had a bonus cow hunt during October for a week during deer season where rifles were allowed. Freezer was low so I went for it. Place was over run with hunters and camps as the closure had folks squeezed. First day I got to a spot at dawn only to find another hunter there and watch a few minutes later as he shot and missed at some cows leaving the meadow. Wed. I got in early and when it got light there wer two hunters set up across the meadow 500 yards away. I decided to still hunt the wide open hills. I knew the elk went somewhere. There were small choke cherry patches in the draws so I worked my way slowly up the draws following a cow path. I got within 15 yards of one and stopped. The I heard a large animal move a few yards in. I hustled up the hill to my left to get above the choke cherries and this girl popped out about 75 yards up the hill. Freezer is looking better.