Supposedly Illinois New Bow State Record


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Apr 10, 2011
A friend sent me this.

A guy named Xen McAllister shot the buck on 11-17-2022. Fayette County. Southern Illinois. From my understanding he shot it on private ground. One comment from one of his family members says they have 5 years of trail camera pictures of the deer (none posted yet) another family member of his says they have 2 years of trail camera pictures of him (none shared yet) and that a bunch of locals have been after this deer for years. No one has previous years sheds to my knowledge
No field pictures of the deer, no video, and the hunter doesn’t use social media (from the comments I’ve read about the deer)
He came in around 240-243”. 26E9B21D-0B30-41B0-886B-AF9B5EAB90FC.jpeg

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Jun 8, 2011
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Of course we need to discredit any and all hunters that take giant bucks. It saves PETA the time and energy of demonizing hunters!
When I see unusually huge deer (especially Whitetails from the midwest and Texas) Think of all the high fenced deer breeders and one getting out of the enclosure or someone shooting one and submitting it for record consideration. I wasn't the OP, but that is where the idea was for me.
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Jun 20, 2011
My coworkers buddy killed that in vandalia. I have multiple trail cam and field photo from the kill site. Buddy says its legit.
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