sleeping bag syndrome


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Apr 26, 2013
Colorado, was Az.
I now have a Big Agnes Summit Park 15 with a SeatoSummit pad. I?m about 6?1? and tip the scales around 250. It?s plenty roomy but it?s not a fully rectangular bag. I tend to sleep on the warmer side so a 15 rating is good. Just a suggestion. Good luck!


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Nov 7, 2019
look at the Big Agnes sleep systems they are awesome love the sleeping pad system. They have multiple bags with different temps. The concept of having my sleeping pad under me all night and not having it slide out is awesome. Just get a good insulated pad. the bags have no insulation on the bottom side where the pad goes


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Dec 4, 2011
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Western mountaineering bags are about as good as it gets... pricey yes, but incredible. Take a look at the Versalite or Alpinlite... and if weight doesn't matter.. look at all the other options.

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Agreed. I'm a huge fan of WM bags. I've got a wide frame. The WM are a little wider than most bags and the quality is very good.


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Jul 8, 2015
Whatever you do DONT go with a mummy bag. I have never been so miserable as when I was in a mummy bag.


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Mar 1, 2011
I realize this is an old thread but figured I’d post anyway. I’m still using my old Kifaru slickbag 20 degree. It still works great. I use a Thermarest x therm pad thats also warm.

My hunts I use it on are primarily later season gun hunts. I really like the synthetic bags. I’ve dried so much wet stuff out in it and been really impressed. The outside might be wet from transferring the moisture out, but me and the inside are dry in the morning. My sleeping bag is my last line of defense against being cold and wet. I like synthetic despite its weight and bulk disadvantage. I will use down puffys, but sticking with my synthetic bag.


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Mar 1, 2011
I should add, I use a HPG mountain serape as my bag for temps over 40. I also use it as an over blanket when its real cold and weight doesn’t matter to much with my Slickbag at times. Its a versatile piece, warm as an insulated poncho over layers glassing or for an unplanned overnight. In AK it was awesome to have around camp in the damp cold weather too. It can supplement or replace a bag or puffy set.

Whitetail hunting it goes over my Kuiu Superdown for long cold sits. It blocks wind and creates a pocket of warm air for me to sit in. Pretty nice.