Shoot or Pass?


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Apr 18, 2020
In Wyoming I’d pass and go get a whitetail if it was a general license, shot a few deer and I think whitetails are better eating, but If it was out of state I’d probably be pulling the trigger only cause it’s not cheap to eat that kinda tag soup !!


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Nov 1, 2012
NE ohio
I suppose its all on the individual. From an ohio guy with 7 pp who has never killed a mule deer. Family and bills and super busy .... i would shoot it without hesitation. Look up and say thank you and be super proud of myself. You should be too. If i lived out west and been hunting them since i was a kid who knows. Nice deer


Jan 22, 2018
Without hesitation I'm letting one fly, but I've also never shot one and live in Michigan, if I lived out west maybe not?


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There are several reasons that I would pass. First, the deer appears to be somewhat “skylined”, add to this the poor visibility.......know what is beyond your target! I’ve passed on a far better buck, because he was “skylined”! As I “will” get a bullet pass-through.....a risk I will not take.

While of decent width, this is what we often refer to as a “Willow-horn” buck! I’ll leave him for someone a safer shooting position! memtb