Savage 110 in 28 Nosler with Proof Research Barrel


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Feb 22, 2011
Reno Nv
My new girlfriend showed up this week.

Pretty impressed with our she feels, very balanced and easy to get a clear full sight picture in the Sig Sauer BDX scope. I used Seekins rail and rings to mount the scope and I was also impressed with the fitment.

I ordered a muzzle brake for it and a carbon fiber bi pod similar to the one in the pics (Harris). I’m pretty sure the 28 will kick like a mule with only weighing 8.35 lbs so a brake is wanted.
Ill start out with Hornady ELDX in 162 gr and see how they fly but I may go to a heavier grain bullet. At 3175 MV is a pretty fast round and I’ve heard about premature barrel wear But I guess time will tell.

With the Sig Sauer BDX Sierra 3 6.5x20x52 and Kilo 2400 BDX range finder I think I’m pretty set up on this rig. All my info is set up in my phone app, sight and range finder are paired and bonded. This is a awesome set up from Sig and I really can’t wait to get to the range to see how well the Sig performs. No more dialing turrets just a press of the Kilo range button then hold on the lit up dot on the reticle.



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Apr 17, 2015
My proof 28 barrel also likes the 195s but I've haven't found much that proofs won't shoot well. I have a cheap wilson barrel that I screwed on a rem 700 action that shoots the 162 hornady precision hunters lights out. Moa to 1250yds. Three different case lots and all hold the exact same m.v. Hornady is doing something right. It kinda frustrates my whole precision reloading process though 🤔 keep us posted on your range findings please.


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Mar 9, 2014
I’ve been using Hornady factory ammo 162 grain and it’s been dead nuts for me.
I do not doubt that it is. I know I’ve said this before but the 28 is made for a little heavier caliber .284 bullets. I think you will be pleasantly pleased with anything 180 grn and up with still extremely manageable recoil.