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Jun 8, 2011
Dolores, Colorado
A few years back I bought a new travel Trailer (28' Denali). The back panel was totally blank and was a candidate for some cool graphics. I did a little research and found a company in Arizona that had what I was looking for. The company (RV Stripes & Graphics) would make almost anything you could want. I called them and told them I wanted a bull elk graphic. They told me about a site that represented professional photographers and licensed their work (iStock Images). I sorted thru hundreds of photos and picked one I liked. I contact RV Stripes and told them the image information. I paid $20.00 to use the one I picked out. We worked out the details and I paid them.

I received my graphic with all the instructions. I measured layed out where I wanted it and followed their detailed installation instruction. It was really simple and it turned out great. My total cost was less than $300.00 and about 2 hours time.100_0936.JPG100_0937.JPG
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