Removing Elk Tenderloins the Gutless Method


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Apr 23, 2016
I won't eat the vitals , so that has no bearing for me. I just never really found elk that hard to gut. it is only about a ten or so minute job. if I were gonna have to quarter it to get it out anyway , I MIGHT try the gutless method. I guess for those who is askeart of a little blood, it might be a good option. otherwise I don't see much benefit .


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Oct 12, 2014
Woodland Park, Colorado
I have never gutted an elk after over 20 harvests. Doesn't make sense when u are way back in there, gutless, debone, throw it on the back
Kinda the same here.
1) location
2) time of day
3) temp
4) size of animal killed
5) pack animals in camp or not
6) age of the group at main camp

Those six are the items that dictate my plan. More times than not I quarter and hang. Debone what I can take out the first trip, then repeat until its out.
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