Proposed change for Utah Elk Tag


Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
In my opinion Utah has to do something.

For those that don't know Utah allocates their elk tags this way:

15,000 spike only tags
15,000 any bull tags.
Both the spike and any bull tags are totally separate and are separate units. The any bull tags are mostly up in the north east corner in the Unitas. There are some that are any bull in units where the DWR does not want any elk such as the Henry Mountains, and the Vernon units.
The spike tags are valid only in spike units and most of the limited entry units.

Then there is the unlimited archery either sex spike/any bull tags.

The any bull tags usually sell out the day that they are offered, very seldom do they make it to day two or three.

The spike bull tags used to last until August, but the last couple of years they are pretty much gone within a week.

All sales are now over the internet with massive problems of people getting dumped out of the system and then not getting back into the Que in time to purchase a tag.

Colorado Cowboy

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Jun 8, 2011
Dolores, Colorado
I havn't hunted Utah in years and never for elk so I don't have a feel for what currently is happening. I do keep up with the comments here on the Forum. The first thing that strikes me is Utah jumping on the bandwagon and potentially joining the states that SELL points. I f it happens, Utah will surely get sucked into this revenue source.


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Feb 3, 2014
I was out the second half of last week and missed this one. 2022 is in my opinion the year that dictates how the landscape will work moving forward in many states. If the numbers maintain or grow we are going to watch as many states are forced to go draw only on just about everything. It is going to be interesting for sure.