Don Fischer

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Jul 20, 2020
Suprisingly vacant is an understatement. Not much hunting photo's here but got lot's of dog photo's, mostly other's dog's at training session's or field trials.

My Sis at about 5 mos.

My Stormy

Can't remember this dog's name. Super dog! Call back to retrieve at AKC trial near Madras, Ore. Boyce Corrals

Cowboy in training

Cowboy again

Stormy's mom. She died last year at 14yrs. Red Delicious Breelie. Region 10 Shooting Dog of the Year 2011! RIP girl!

Another Stormy at 4 yrs!

Can't remember this dog's name. Belong's to the lady that owns Cowboy!

Gertie in training session

Britt's casting off at a trial

My Bodie. RIP buddy!

One of the nicest Gordons I ever saw.
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Don Fischer

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Jul 20, 2020
A few more

Britt casting off in field trial. it needs a cape!

Nice pointer in training sesson. The next weekend it won the puppy stake.

My old Squirt. 14yrs here.

Last photo I ever got of my Bodie!

Getting ready to cast off at a Region 10 Trial near Condon, Ore. Buckhorn Ranch.

First time I met this guy. 92 yr old Herb Anderson. Handled his own shooting dog in one hr stake. Off and on the horse for three finds. This has got to be an inspiration! The following year he was chairman for the National Chukar Championship. What a guy! RIP Herb!

My Stormy with Squirt on back. Training

Stormy actually went by this bird before he got scent!

Stormy's mom, Breeley about 7yrs.

Stormy's dad, Robert! Folks that own him got a puppy out of Stormy and Sis.

And the puppy on it's first bird wing. about 15 wks here.