One tag Filled


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Feb 22, 2011
Reno Nv
One tag filled and one still in my pocket.
‘Still very happy we saw some decent bucks but I was holding out for one just a bit bigger then what we could find. My buddy killed this buck on day 3 that I passed on. Looking back with knowing how tough this hunt was going with all the other hunters and low deer numbers I’m so happy he killed him.
I passed on another 160” buck the last morning we were there. We showed some other hunters where he was but the young man that had the tag also wanted to kill a big buck he elected to pass as well. I told him many times he should kill this buck knowing in 7 days what was out there but they were on their second day and his hopes were still very high. Good luck to him and I hope he kills what he’s looking for.

We hiked in about 2 miles to a knob in the middle of a canyon we have not hunted before and found this buck. Just over 400 yards Jeff hit this deer high but dropped him in his tracks. A follow up shot finished him off.
We cut him up and packed him out in the dark back to the SxS.44960IMG_8278.jpegIMG_8290.jpegIMG_8259.jpegIMG_8301.jpeg