Nothing beats shot placement


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Nov 30, 2014
To start, what happened with the poaching of this mule deer sucks and hope the person get held accountable for their actions.

What surprised me was a doe deer was fatally double lunged, with a pellet gun!
I guess shot placement is key regardless of caliber.



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Jul 26, 2012
Anchorage Alaska
Wow, some of those pellet guns are pretty strong shooters. I had a Benjamin pump as a kid and always thought it was capable of killing a deer if shot in the right spot. Like you said, nothing beats shot placement!


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Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
The sad thing is with a double lung shot with a .22 pellet is that the animal died a slow death.

Even a .22 long rifle will mushroom a little and have a bit more kinetic energy to destroy tissue. A .22 pellet only weighs around 14-15 grains where the Lr round will be 36+

dustin ray

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Oct 23, 2011
Alta Loma CA
Love my old benjamin pump many it killed many critters back in the day modern air rifles are killers iv killed many urban coyotes 40 yards lung shot dead dog 20 yrds pass threw most of the time just the other day i shot one 10 yards in the head dropped him i have several air guns but my fav is 22cal RWS side cock

Rich M

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Oct 16, 2012
Kinda makes you wonder how many were killed before one ran off in the wrong direction.

Air rifles are legal for deer & hogs down here and are getting a following. I'm not sure of the specifics on what calibers are legal. an attorney on another forum is a big proponent of the air gun laws and has them up to .45 cal. The velocity is similar to a .45 cal hand gun yet the bullet remains as a "pellet".

The pellet from an air rifle kills via hemorrhage, like an arrow shot deer - not by shock or expansion.
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