Nikon Scope Issues


Nov 4, 2016
In preparation for my late season elk hunt, I was doing some shooting with my .300 WSM which has a Nikon Buckmaster II 4x12 on it. In the past I had issues holding a group. I switch ammo, things got better, I got it dialed back in to where I was comfortable. Went and shot it another time, group had spread, larger than desirable. Made some adjustments, got it back. Went and shot again, group was still there. Fast forward to this week, went to shoot one last time before heading was gone. way gone.

Rings and base are tight. gun is sound. I talked to come buddies, some of which are avid nikon fans and a couple that despise the brand. All of them pointed me to the scope.... curious what you guys think?? Anyone have similar experience? TIA


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Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
I'll second asking what CC asked, what size of groups are you getting now? You don't need a moa rifle for a elk hunt. Even a 2" group at 100 yards will take care of most shots on elk out to 400 yards but you would need to pick your shots at that range.

I have a nephew who had a Nikon on a 270. It started causing problems so he sent it back. Once he got it back it worked for a while before it started to open up the groups again, so he sent it back. This went on for a few times until he threw in into a junk pile and went out and picked up a Leopold.


Nov 4, 2016
Thanks for the replies. I tried a couple different box ammos early on, settled on federal because that shot the best through this gun. When I put the time in and shoot, I can get it to shoot 4" groups at 200 yards....for only a few shots it turned out.(5-10) I cleaned it after shooting....shot it dirty, same results in time. Im going to put a different scope on this gun regardless, just reassuring to hear other stories.

dan maule

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Jan 3, 2015
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Have you run any copper solvent through your barrel? Sounds like you have put a good amount of rounds through your gun and it my be foiled with copper. I would still spring for a Leopold but if you haven’t already you may want to clean your barrel with a quality solvent.


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Feb 21, 2012
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I bought a modified .338 Winchester Super Grade from a guy who had it built, but because of Parkinson's never hunted with it. It had a Nikon scope and it was never consistent grouping. Good for a bit, then it wandered. I tried several different scopes with similar results before having it glass bedded. BINGO, that was the fix and it now shoots sub-MOA all day. Good enough to kill 4 6x6 elk. The original Nikon is now on a different rifle and it works within design parameters.


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Apr 11, 2011
I have several Nikons. on .22 & .17 rimfires and one on an AR-15. No problems with them ever. I have Leupold scopes on all my hunting rifles. Perhaps there is something to the idea that heavy recoil affects the Nikon scopes.


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Jul 8, 2015
Had a few Nikons over the years. Threw 2 in the trash and sold another one to a guy who really wanted it for some reason.

I'll never put one on a rifle again. Fact.
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