My sons 2019 Wyoming Mountain Muley


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Feb 22, 2011
Green River, Wyoming
My son Kaden and I located this buck in early September and watched him shred his velvet off durning one of our evenings watching him. Kaden took a liking to this particular buck so our plans were set for the rifle opener. An hour after first light, Kaden once again spotted the buck before I could (the kid has an eagle eye) and quickly got set up for his shot. I ranged the buck at 378 yards. Once the buck finally turned slightly quartering away, Kaden dropped the buck with his .25-06! At 14 years old, this is his 4th and largest buck. I’m one super proud dad of the young outdoorsman he’s becoming!


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Apr 14, 2016
Very nice buck. Congratulations to your son. Hunting the Wyoming high country for big bucks in my opinion is one of the funniest hunts out there.
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