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Feb 25, 2011
North Dakota
2Rocky- there is nothing career wise or big dreams that are holding me back. I'd say my story is very similar to eveyone else here.

Pronghorn- great pictures!


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Nov 29, 2011
Honestly I think you can make time in your life to work, play, have a family, etc...

some parents entire lives are their children, not saying they shouldn't be, but mom and dad should have some of their own time, their own fun time, get a sitter, etc... go on vacation, go hunting, I think this sets a great example to children that putting yourself 1st sometimes is a good thing.

I sure kids can take up some time, including possible hunting time, but in no way does that mean having to give up hunting etc...

many argue how expensive kids are, but I think this is more of people whining etc...

best of luck!

set your own priorities!

next time he says he doesn't want kids, say good, you shouldn't have any, you have bad genes ;) but me on the other hand, I owe it to the world to reproduce ;)


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Apr 7, 2011
West Side, MoMo
ND- my wife and I have been considering having kids for the past year or so.. In our most recen discussion, I told her that my only real concern was that my trips out west would be cut off.. I wasn't really concerned with hunting locally, as our farm has a finished cabin, and it would be no problem to bring kids up.. But I would feel terrible leaving her for 9-10 days and heading out west.

Ultimately, I think I will just change my western hunting priorities, and only try to draw better tags, and if I don't go every year, I'll be okay with that. For me, the excitement of raising my kids in the outdoors far outweighs the fact that I will lose out on some hunting time.


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Aug 8, 2012
Hawley, Texas
Having kids will definitely change your life. Well, at least it SHOULD change your life. If you can't give up some things in your lifestyle for them, then you shouldn't have kids. There's nothing wrong with not having any. There is something wrong with having kids and then putting your desires above their needs.

As far as hunting time goes, having kids does reduce your hunting time at first when they're babies. It is TIRING to have babies and toddlers in the house. If you leave and go hunting all the time while your wife is taking care of those tiny little energy and sanity zappers, then you're doing your wife a disservice, IMO. Plan on hunting less and being home more when the kids are tiny. But as soon as they get big enough to start going with you, then you should start taking the kids with you into the field. It will not be the same kind of serious hard-core hunting that you might be used to at first, but it will be some of the most rewarding time you'll ever spend in the outdoors. There is nothing better, to me, than watching my kids experience the outdoors. I love teaching them outdoor skills and sharing God's creation with them. When I see that they truly love getting out and doing those things that I love so much, it makes me happy - happier than I'd ever be if I were by myself and I killed a big deer alone. I'd rather hunt with my son and see him take a doe and be excited about it than to go trophy hunting by myself. That's just me maybe. But I love hunting with my kids.

Memories like these are worth more to me than any number of trophy animals for myself.



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Feb 26, 2011
Kamas, Utah
I have 4 kids, ranging from 12 to 1. Yes it does put a damper on your hunting time, but if you have a great wife that understands she will let you have your time hunting if you take the kids now and then and let her have her time. I can tell you though, I have never had so much fun in my life hunting as this year. My boy had his own tag this year and I was the one tagging along. It brings back what hunting is really about, spending time with the ones you love in Gods creation.


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Aug 8, 2012
Hawley, Texas
Thanks guys. Glad you enjoyed the pics. Here's one more from this past Sunday evening. Zach hunted alone on this one. Stalked in, found a spot to sit downwind of the trail, and after the buck walked by at 20 yards he shot him at about 70 with the rifle he bought a couple years ago with his lawn mowing money. After I heard the shot and got his text, I went to the truck and drove over to him. Zach dragged the buck to the road and was waiting for me. I held the flashlight for him while he gutted the deer. Seems like yesterday when he was 6 and got that first spike. Zach has kept our freezer full ever since. He's 15 now and doing it on his own. Makes a dad proud. :)

NDHunter, only you and your wife know if it's time for y'all to have kids. But I highly recommend it, whenever the time is right. It's a lot of fun. It's a lot of hard work and some frustration sometimes too, but it's well worth it.