Iron Will or Solid 100gr


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Jun 22, 2014
nw oregon
Just what the title says guys, what are your experiences with either of these broadhead companies? I like the looks of both but trying to decide which to try. I believe both will be good choices so just looking for real life experiences.


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Mar 4, 2014
I've shot the Ironwills a fair amount. Accurate and built tough. I would shoot the solid ones if I had to pick again. With helical fletchings and the original vented Ironwills are noisy in flight. Haven't killed anything with the Solid broadheads but have heard good things.
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Nov 1, 2012
NE ohio
put em where it matters and it won't matter.
I used to think the same thing until i had rage broadhead get about 4 inches of penetration on a deer . First day of the season just a doe to get the freezer meat out of the way. Didn't find it till the next day and it was hot and not eatable . I've heard stories like that but always doubted them or thought bs until it happened to me. To the op i have no experience with either but good luck. Oh and by the way i went back to my tried and true thunderheads and or muzzy's