Idaho leftovers?


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Feb 25, 2011
Having problems understanding Idaho's leftover tags. It say over 3400 general/whitetail tags available so isn't the general tags and general whitetail tags 2 different tags? Would like to apply for a controlled mule deer hunt next year and if the draw don't go my way I wouldn't mind going up and trying some whitetail hunting but not sure how to tell if the leftovers are for any deer or the late whitetail or how many of each is available, any help or input on how to tell would be much appreciated!!!!!!


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Jun 4, 2011
north idaho
there is the regular tag and the whitetail tag. both otc and both work in some of the same units. I usually buy the regular tag, because I can hunt both species with it here in the panhandle. But if you want to hunt whitetails in the Clearwater you need the whitetail tag. Figure where you want to hunt, what species and see what tag the reg's tell you. The deer season goes thru dec 1 in a lot of units up in the panhandle.