Idaho extends wolf seasons in some units


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Jul 3, 2013
Everyone needs to read up on The Foundation for Wildlife Management. It's a group from North Idaho that realized pretty early that trapping was the only way to really have an impact on wolf numbers. Secondly that the guys that were willing to do it couldn't afford it. The Foundation has the backing of the Idaho FG and RMEF. It is a great program that reimburses you for hunting costs. It has been growing yearly in terms of reimbursement, units, and seasons. Guys looking to hunt wolves might make this more than just a bucket list item if you can get some of the costs covered.
True. I remember reading that. I've hunted ID for the past 8 years. Only heard a wolf once. Never laid eyes on one. Trapping is the way to go. I always carry a tag just in case.


Feb 24, 2011
Idaho F&G extended the wolf seasons in some units, although these won't show in the regs. A lot of units only by a month that were through March 31st are now ending April 30th. Units 21 and 28, which I hunt will be open until June 30th, yay! Getting a wolf is on my bucket list. Looks like this is effective for the 2018 season. At least a positive step in reducing their numbers.
I know that the wolves destroyed some of the best elk hunt in the state. Especially two areas that I used to hunt. With wolf hunting and trapping the past few years has there been any ground gain on wolf reduction numbers in unit 10a or up in the selways? 10a was never a great area, but we knew that area well and always had a way to find a few bulls. Haven't been there in almost 10 or 12 years. Just wondering if the elk might ever get a chance at coming back.