Hunting Dog Name


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Dec 4, 2018
My Drahthaars name is Wilma. She also responds to Willy, so with her long beard, most people think she's a male.

The next one will be a male named Fred.



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Aug 5, 2016
First yellow lab was Murphy, named for Atlanta Braves outfielder and MVP Dale Murphy. Called him Murph for short...great family dog...95 pound gentile giant. Retrieving machine as well. Did like to hunt roosters, but his stamina was limited due to size. He lived to 12 years old.

Current yellow lab is Zeke. He's 75 pounds and a good dog. Doesn't hunt him just a few months before kicking the ex-wife out of the house (couldn't keep her legs together).

Daughters lived with me, so Zeke didn't get the training ol Murph did. He's still a good dog, loves to retrieve, but has only been in the blind a handfull of times.