House Bill 295


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Jul 26, 2012
Anchorage Alaska
I am always leery of hunting laws made by legislatures, but this seems to be directing the Wildlife Board to create regulations concerning these issues. I'm a little more okay with that. Alaska has some laws that I disagree with, made by legislators, that cannot be changed by the Game Board.

I'm like Kidoggy, in that I really don't need to get involved in what Utah does, I'll likely never hunt there, but it will be interesting to see what they do.

I try to see a couple different sides to the baiting issue. I generally don't care for it, but know that it can be a useful management tool at times in certain circumstances. Unfortunately we often share the woods with some slobs that don't keep things clean or understand the "leave no trace" concept. They hurt us all as hunters.

I really have no experience with trail camera usage. I can sure see an issue with hunters that can afford to saturate an area with numerous cameras and believe that gives them some exclusivity to the area. Especially the cameras that broadcast real-time images. I can't get behind that idea.

It is sure hard to define "Fair Chase" these days! I personally disagree with long range shooting at animals but wouldn't know how to regulate it or enforce any regulations that did outlaw it. I just would never welcome someone into my camp that did it.

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Mar 12, 2013
I agree with the fact that I don’t really have skin in the game in Utah. But here in my home state, I’m not even sure of the baiting laws! I know they bait bears. Which I feel is a very effective tool at managing bears. As for deer, I don’t bait and don’t ever care too! It seems that most bait piles here for deer end up in doe, yearling bucks, and nocturnal deer.
As far as cameras...I use them. I also have a handful of cellular cams. I like the use of them cause my property is almost 2 hours away and it’s a nice tool to have. I will say, that I have never killed a deer due to the aid of a camera or cellular camera. I use them particularly for deer count numbers and management. Yes, it’s nice to get big bucks on camera, but not the sole reason. Also, it’s a great tool for catching trespassers! Its my land, so if I want cameras on it....I have that right! Public land, I see it as a tool and there’s the opportunity for some jack ass to steal it!
If for some reason they banned trail cams, it wouldn’t hurt my hunting. it’s kinda the same debate as vertical bow vs crossbow in my opinion. Bottom line, we as hunters and outdoorsmen need to stick together. We have enough to worry about with all the antis and our government! Just my 2 cents