Home made archery Targets


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Sep 5, 2016
Making home made archery targets with my 13 year old son Dylan is a fun family project and make us a little side "hunting money". I use blue & brown heavier Costco tarps, backed with a heavier thick hay tarp and the filling, I use shrink wrap and shrink wrap boat traps, what ever CDX plywood or OSB I can come up with without buying any and a inner 2x2 frame. The targets have worked out awesome. I have built some 4x4x24" 's for a local archery shop. The 3x3x24" 's are nice to stack, on all the target I recommend putting treated 2x4 legs on them and painting the frame. Everyone I have built them for so far have no complaints. We also I put flex seal on the top of the box and paint the rest. These targets last a long time the poly shrink wrap inside won't go bad. The filling stops a arrow at about 6 inches of penetration and I am also experimenting on using different backers behind the tarps. Do not shoot broadheads into these target!!!!!